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Tom O’Brien is the founder and CEO of TFNN Corp. The mission of TFNN Corp is to help individuals take charge of their financial destiny by educating investors directly and interactively through its Radio Programming and its Instructional Web Site both found on

Tom is a professional trader and educator. He is the host of the long running syndicated Tom O’Brien radio show where investors across the country, and the world, call in to hear his views and become educated as to how markets move and what they should be doing about it here and now. Tom’s audience proudly call themselves “Tigers” and “Tigresses”.

Tom is a bestselling author. Tom’s first book “Timing the Trade” went number one on Amazon. Additionally Tom publishes two investment newsletters: “Market Insights” a daily subscription that calls the market each day; and “The Gold Report” a weekly newsletter in which Tom analyzes over 40 equities as well as the physical market.

Tom is quoted in, is a regular guest on CNBC analyzing the commodity markets, was named Gold Timer of the Year in 2009 by Timers Digest, and has been helping people into the gold market since properly calling the bottom of the market in 2002 at $282.50.

Tom served in the United States Marine Corps from 1968 to 1970.


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